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Where Can I Get My Car Inspected?

CAR INSPECTORS provides pre-purchase vehicle inspections on location for most areas located in the southern California area. You can see what is included in Car Inspectors' pre-purchase inspection services by going to the Inspections page. Please provide details of the vehicle you want to have inspected by calling us or complete the information contained in the form located on the Contact Us page including where the vehicle is located and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Since Car Inspectors is a on-location mobile service, the vehicle can be located in any facility from the driveway of a private residence to a dirt lot and anything in between. In some cases such as a used car lot with minimum staff which has several hundred cars boxed into a small area, the vehicle may be inaccessible to move out within a short time. In such rare situations a drive-test may not be possible at the time of the inspection. Should this take place, you will be notified of the situation and refunded a portion of the inspection fee.

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