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Lemon Law Expert in Los Angeles

Steven Storey owner and operator of Car Inspectors is also a Lemon Law expert and a qualified and experienced Lemon Law vehicle inspector and Expert Witness. If you require a lemon law expert including a preliminary lemon car inspection of your vehicle, please contact Steven directly at 818-300-4491. A lemon car inspection can then be scheduled so he can verify and document the concerns you’ve been having when developing a legal case against your vehicle's manufacturer.

Lemon Law Qualifications

Steven has worked with lemon law experts and a variety of legal firms which represent clients in Lemon Law legal suits. He presently does lemon car inspections and is an expert witness for Krohn and Moss Consumer Law Center and the Law Offices of Rene Korper which provide legal services for clients in Lemon Law suits and have had excellent results. If you are in Southern California and having recurring problems with your newly bought vehicle which are unresolved and feel it's time to take it to the next level, please contact Steven at 818-300-4491 or email You can also contact Krohn and Moss or Rene Korper directly through their websites at or